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ANGEL FARM, previously known as was established in 2011 by the visionary farmer brothers Mr. Hardik Varsani of Rajkot, India. The Company started developing a Mini Tractor, which can be afforded by small and medium farmers for performing their useful chores every day. The plant is located at Rajkot - Gujarat - India. We came out for manufacturing a Mini Tractor in India with 16 H.P Engine. This roll out was performed in our factory in the year 2012. After that our successful tractor was send for testing purpose at Central Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute (C.F.M.T. & T.I), Budni. Again we succeeded by gaining its Successful Test Report, which helped to get the tractor Enlisted with NABARD., for further approval like availability of Loans from Banks, and the Subsidy from the Govt. Further due compliance with The Automotive Research Association of India, PUNE (A.R.A.I.) was done to obtain C.M.V.R to ensure the R.T.O. Registrations in different states in India. The present Manufacturing plant is well equipped with Modern Tools & Equipment, along with advanced machineries, Quality Control Instruments, R & D Facility and Staff full of Trained, Efficient, And Qualified Engineers and Technocrat Personals. As one of the leading manufacturers of tractors India we ensure smooth, maintenance free and high quality of production of our entire range of Tractors. Our company has well established Dealer Network which operates in various Districts of Gujarat. Our entire distribution network ensures prompt deliveries, and after sales services along with competitive prices. As manufacturers of tractors in India we have also developed various implements and attachments that are required for its equivalent capacity of Tractor. Our Mini Tractor In Interiror System Double Cylinder & Diesel Engine Has Been Water Cooled,Disk Break,Electric System Air Cliner,Trector Start In Key On & Off,Electric Fuel Pump,A.D.D.C Hydrulic,A.M.R. Senser,Hitter Timmer Senser. Our Tractor Start

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